Deluxe Pedicure 

Pamper your feet, indulge

in a warm towel wrap foot mask. Includes citrus moisture scrub and moisturizing gel massage. (We have many options for deluxe pedicure) 

Manicure & Pedicure

No Longer Are they just for woman, men can now enjoy this relaxing experience. 

Shellac/Gel Manicure

Unlike traditional nail polish, each layer is dried under a UV, and dries within minutes, this means NO smudging, NO dents. 


Transform your short nails in to long gorgeous nails 

Gel nails - Lacquer nails -Pink and White

Need some extra length on your nails, but want them to look natural? Any of these nail extension is right for you!

Dip Powder

Popular Now!

Nail Art

We have a variety to beautiful and unique hand painted designs.

Create attractive eyebrows, or clean away those unwanted facial hair 

Polishes and Powders

Glow in the dark powder 
Mood changing Powder
Chrome Colors
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